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About us

Produced by Japan for Sustainability

We share information on developments and activities originating in Japan that lead toward sustainability, with the aim of building momentum toward a sustainable path for the world.

Japan for Sustainability

Illustrated by Sachiko Temmyo

Ms. Temmyo is an illustrator who contributes widely to advertisements, various publications and character design. Picture books of her illustrations include Shiyawasekamoshirenai (I May Be Happy), Yo-yo and Less and Rin and Kanna.

Message from Ms.Temmyo:
"It is my true hope that, like the people in my drawings, we, too, can always live happily on earth. For that to happen, let's do what we can to each play our own part. There's so much we can do, so let's start today! I'll do the best I can to do my part, too."

Rabbits inc.

Created by the Service Grant Team

Pro bono services by business professionals

This web site was produced by the Service Grant team members. The Service Grant is a program that provides non-profit organizations with pro bono services by business professionals. The original model for this program was created by Taproot Foundation in San Francisco and was adapted by the Tokyo-based Earthday Money Association. This Web site is one of the first test-drive projects in Japan.

Under the direction of the Grant Manager Mr. Takashi Ohashi, each team member made a remarkable contribution. Thanks to their great effort, JFS now can proudly present this Web site to children all over the world!

Taproot Foundation

Earthday Money Association

Service Grant Team
Takashi Ohashi / Grant Manager
Miho Akutsu
Hiroshi Kataoka
Noriko Nomura
Koshiro Miyagi
Yoshihiro Kanematsu
Ryo Ishizuka

Special thanks to :
Ikuma Saga (Earthday Money Association)
Yasufusa Hatayama

New Ideas for the EarthShift the Idea!
Today's Earth, Our Future - The earth is our only home.
Today's Earth, Our Future - The earth is our only home.
The Story of a Mysterious Land
The Story of a Mysterious Land
About This Site
About This Site
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